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Spectrum High Fire Glazes

Stoneware Glazes Cone 4/6 - SP1100 to Sp1196
All of these glazes, except 1189 and 1190, are lead-free and dinnerware safe. Most of them also come with the A/P non-toxic rating from the Art & Creative Materials Institute (ACMI) which is clearly marked on the product label. Some of the reactive type glazes are rated C/L by the ACMI which means that they are considered toxic in the liquid (unfired) state due to the presence of heavy metals, such as copper, beyond the non-toxic legal limit. C/L rated glazes are not suitable for use by young children or pregnant women.
There are 3 types of Spectrum stoneware glazes: clear glazes; plain colored glazes; and reactive glazes. In general, clear glazes are used to cover designs created with underglazes. There is a choice of gloss, satin or crackle finishes. Spectrum's plain colored glazes are opaque and come in gloss and satin finishes. Some of their most popular stoneware glazes are the reactive colors which produce multi-tone and multi-colored effects by the combination of various metal oxides. Many other interesting effects can be created by layering these reactive glazes. In particular, layering a more fluid glaze, such as 1173, underneath or on top of one of the other reactive glazes often produces beautiful results.
High Temperature Cone 9/10 Glazes - SP1200 to SP1275

Code NameImagePrice   
SP1100PT Transparent $10.00
SP1101PT Peach $10.00
SP1102PT Wedgewood $10.00
SP1103PT Dusty Rose $12.00
SP1106PT Crimson $18.00
SP1107PT Black $11.00
SP1108PT Butter Yellow $10.00
SP1109PT Coral $10.00
SP1110PT Turquoise $10.00
SP1111PT Holly Green $12.00
SP1113PT Textured Milk $14.00
SP1115PT Textured Moons $14.00
SP1117PT Textured Chocolate $16.00
SP1118PT White $10.00
SP1120PT Satin Clear $10.00
SP1121PT Satin White $12.00
SP1122PT Satin Mottle $12.00
SP1123PT Satin Speckle $10.00
SP1124PT Satin Wedg. $10.00
SP1125PT Satin Peach $12.00
SP1126PT Satin Black $12.00
SP1127PT Satin Turquoise $12.00
SP1129PT Textured Oasis $12.00
SP1131PT Charcoal $12.00
SP1132PT Purple $20.00
SP1134PT Chocolate Brown $10.00
SP1135PT Navy Blue $16.00
SP1136PT Royal Blue $16.00
SP1137PT Teal Blue $12.00
SP1138PT Lime Green $12.00
SP1140PT Textured Kiwi $12.00
SP1141PT Textured Cascade $12.00
SP1142PT Textured Wheat $16.00
SP1143PT Texture Navy $18.00
SP1144PT Textured Mottle $12.00
SP1145PT Textured Autumn $12.00
SP1148PT Textured Chow $16.00
SP1151PT Fuschia $14.00
SP1152PT Textured Chro. $16.00
SP1153PT Textured Coblt. $20.00
SP1154PT Textured Iron $14.00
SP1155PT Pebble Stone $14.00
SP1156PT Olive Stone $14.00
SP1157PT Textured Honey $16.00
SP1158PT Textured Bronze $16.00
SP1159PT Green Stone $14.00
SP1161PT Textured Topaz $16.00
SP1162PT Textured Burg. $18.00
SP1164PT Dark Red $12.00
SP1165PT Bright Red $12.00
SP1166PT Bright Orange $12.00
SP1167PT Bright Green $12.00
SP1168PT Bright Purple $36.00
SP1169PT Dark Purple $26.00
SP1170PT Textured Mulberry $18.00
SP1171PT Textured Plum $18.00
SP1172PT Textured Leop $18.00
SP1173PT Textured Hot Chocolate $16.00
SP1174PT Textured Rusty $16.50
SP1175PT Textured Dk. Rip $18.00
SP1176PT Cinn. Rip. $14.00
SP1177PT Antique Mo $14.00
SP1178PT Oatmeal Mo $13.00
SP1179PT Textured Misty $15.00
SP1180PT Lagoon $12.00
SP1181PT Textured Cloudb $12.00
SP1182PT Textured Jungle $12.00
SP1183PT Textured Dk. Clo $14.00
SP1184PT Hunter Green $14.00
SP1185PT Forest Green $14.00
SP1186PT SOFT PINK $14.00
SP1228PT Textured Grey $6.30
SP1234PT Textured Seafoam $8.40
SP1245PT Grey $6.00
SP1256PT Old Rock $9.60
SP1257PT Broken Rock $7.80
SP1264PT Mottle Lava $7.20
SP1265PT Green Lava $6.00
SP1266PT Brown Lava $7.50
SP1273PT Bright Green $6.60
SP1274PT Bright Purple $13.80





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